Saturday, June 23, 2012


Today was the burial of Mother Dilecta's mother who went to the Lord June 10.
She was 91 and the last of our mothers to die. Born in Colorado, she was a teacher for many years. Mr. P. is still alive and at 91 golfs every Thursday. He calls it his "Holy Day of Obligation".

MD  with nephew Justin

When they retired in 1980 they moved from the Los Angeles area (where they settled in 1946) to a small beach town north of San Luis Obispo. In her "free time" she recorded textbooks for the blind and taught adults to read through a literacy program. "Bobbie" is survived by three children, six grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren. Quite a legacy!

Like all of our mothers she left us values, a love of learning and a hope for future generations, especially in our caring for others less fortunate than ourselves. It is fitting that she died on the vigil of the feast of Corpus Christi, as she had a discernment and concern for various weaknesses and illnesses. Mother Dilecta's mother had a great attraction to Archbishop Fulton Sheen (as did my own mother- though unlike Mrs. P. she never converted).
MD & Bella

Mother Dilecta, who is the monastery poet (a published one)  wrote this final tribute to her mom:

        Morning Meditation
            (for Mom and Claire)

    So now, pale-brown cow
        last evening
        my very first source of milk
        May her dwelling
        be in peace in a land
        flowing with milk & honey
        as I finish milking
        this last, long-flowing teat
        I've long called
           "The Everlasting".

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