Sunday, July 22, 2012


Last Thursday we had a thunder/lightening storm of a magnitude no one can remember, here or anywhere else: three solid hours of pounding, never moving from over our heads. Many later reported they thought the end was at hand!  Many were left without power, including our guests. Mother Mary Grace heard what sounded like a huge explosion in the woods.

The next day, about 18 hours after the stormed abated, we received a call from one of our volunteer fireman. He said that they were in the woods putting out a brush fire and had it in control. A tree has exploded from a lightening strike.

Photo of  lightening strike over monastery property taken at Friday Harbor by Jeff  Daviscourt

A neighbor, some distance away, smelled smoke and called the fire department but no one could find the source of the fire. They then called our local island airlines to see if a plane would be taking off soon. Fortunately, one was and the fire was spotted and quickly extinguished.

We all said a thank you to the Angels we knew were watching over us, as well as alert friends.

A few days later, Mother Prioress hiked into the woods to see the fire site, returning with the smallest piece of the tree she could find. It is amazing to see. Not only was the bark taken but  about 3 inches of the tree, as if it had been sliced lengthwise by some artist. At present we have it in chapel as a reminder of the forces of Mother Nature and our Angels who protect us!

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