Tuesday, April 7, 2015


 April is national poetry month and I would like to start
with some poems by members of our Order. The first is by our Mother Dilecta (here at OLR).

9/11  A Commemoration   
Lewis Williams
waking very early                                                      
            solidly dark here in the West
            day dawning on the East coast
            I find myself praying among the stars
              darkness not a void but
              a setting for the stars,        
              interplay of dark and light.

an owl murmurs,
            murmuring a question
            ...we know now the answer
            a stark 2,817 soul mates,
            at least 2,817, the number unsure
            as survivors of ground zero surface
            having forgotten their own names

so brief the passing
            of the shooting star  
            then across the sky
              a pace  regular and magnetic
              the passage of a plane silently
              (for some the last sensing was     
               sound and firey, fuel-fury).

                        From the distance of today
                        a stark beauty and patterned
                        meaning emerges in the sky:
                        somehow imbedded in the vastness
                        "Yahweh, God our God is One
                                    Allah is great
                        Bless be Jesus Christ,
                                    Firstborn of all creation"
                        someday to be uttered as
                                    effulgence not controversy.

later in the light of day
            the vastness remains
            with no points of brightness
            or connected patterns

but the stars unseen
            are always with us.   

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