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Having done the Blog on Philip Cutlip reminded me of two other (even more local) Alums, PETER & MOLLY WILSON, who met at Seattle Pacific University, fell in love and married.  We have known Peter since he was a toddler and know of his many talents. A career move to Montana and three children later (and a fourth on the way), Peter and Molly continue their music in the small town of Highwood. They spent the first months of married life teaching music classes for middle school students in China, but once they found out they were expecting their first child, they decided to look for a teaching position in the U.S. and   Montana came into the picture.

While Molly trained to be a classical violinist, with a voice like an angel, Peter can play anything from Jazz piano to the bagpipes (and anything in between- having taught himself most)! "Once you have one thing, you can branch out with ease."  Many would not agree with this!

Molly also is proficient on the viola and teaches private music lessons, when not chasing after 3 small children, all under the age of 8. She is one of the few violinists I know who can also do fiddle music and do it brilliantly!

Peter teaches music at Highwood Public School’s (90+ students K-12 ) in a day and age when most music teachers have to do other jobs to stay afloat. His goal is to see the potential in his students and nurture it while having fun in the process. He takes his students all over the West to show their talents.
Beth Rood- photo

Beth Rood- photo

Locally, Peter and Molly charm people with their talents: a St. Patrick's festival, a hoedown every year, teaching people how to Contra dance, plus for weddings and private groups. On top of all this they have a small farm and enjoy the animals they raise.

" We are dedicated to the craft of fine music making, and hope to encourage others to sing and make a joyful noise to the Lord"!

Their first CD - No More a Stranger (with Peter's cousin Brandon) is a set of Scotch/Irish and American fiddle tunes, as well as some favorite hymns with Molly on violin and voice and Peter on bohdran (the bodhrán is the heartbeat of Irish music. This ancient frame drum is traditionally made with a wooden body and a goat-skin head, and is played with a double-headed stick called a cipín, tipper, or beater), piano, voice and assorted instruments and Brandon Olson on guitar and mandolin.

Their second CD Over the River and Through the Woods is an eclectic mix of old-world, winter-season tunes; some modern surprises; and little-heard, sacred Christmas selections.  We sell both in our monastery Shop. $10  (and a bargain).

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