Wednesday, November 21, 2018


This is the week of Thanksgiving, and we have much to be thankful for, especially in light of people homeless due to the devastating wild fires in California.

Koko & Bella

It  has been a sad week for us in the monastery as we had to put down our beloved PWD BELLA  Sunday after Mass.- this coming less than 2 months after the death of KOKO  (see Blog on monastery PWDs  1/27/13).

In my grief I pondered the meaning of loss in our lives, and how often I have heard people say:  well, if there is no heaven for my beloved pet, I want no part of it!  To my mind this totally negates the gift of Christ in our lives- it is saying that in the end Jesus is not enough for us!

As we give thanks tomorrow for all we daily receive, let us especially be mindful of the greatest gift of all-  the Eucharist, which nourishes us beyond comprehension!

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