Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This  is Christmas-tide, which we celebrate to the full in the Monastery, as the world takes down their trees, children return to school and Santa- not to mention the Christ Child- is  but a memory. Today is the 5th day of Christmas-  what are these twelve days of Christmas, which we sing about in carol?  They are the days between Christmas and Epiphany (Jan. 6) when the Magi appear to the Child. Traditionally, in many parts of the world this is the day when children receive their gifts.

While much of the country is digging itself out of snow and ice, or nearly collapsing into the Pacific with rains, it has been mild in our Pacific Northwest area.  We pray that life improves for the many suffering, not only in our country, but other areas of the world.

May the Christ Child enlighten all who sit in darkness and may the hearts of all be open to His love.  A Blessed New Year from all at OLR!

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