Thursday, January 13, 2011


In July of 2010 a German TV crew came to OLR to film life on the farm as part of a TV series called “mareTV” (“Ocean TV”) which is broadcast twice a month on German television channel NDR. Each film covers a different region or country by the sea with spectacular footage and in-depth stories about people and their relationship to the sea. The director was Carola Meyer. She and her two photographers spent several days here, during the busiest time but managed to film a lot of our life. It aired in Germany December 16th. We were not the only ones filmed but rather a lot of the Seattle area as well (shades of Natl. Geographic!) I have not yet been able to download it but seems all they took for the several days here is ff:
"The nuns of Shaw Island  are a prime example of the special way of life on the Pacific coast. The Benedictine monastery of Our Lady of the Rock even manages a farm. This is not easy on the island, because they never know whether they get the hay dry in the barn. And their alpacas, relatives of the llama, are indeed divine beings, but a little sneaky. Reverend Mother Therese and her sisters are nevertheless certain: it is their place, here they belong".

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  1. Well isn't that something! You'll have to post a link to the video if they ever send one to you.

    So... alpaca are sneaky?? I'll bet you have your hands full then!

    God bless!!