Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Lucio & his sons- my host last visit
The people of Peru are known to be some of the most friendly in the world. They are also not known for their quiet demeanor, though I find the peoples of the highlands and mountains to be less boisterous and much more shy.

Piuranos are characterized by their witty minds, melancolic Tondero music and welcoming personalities. Like all Peruvians, they are heavy drinkers of chicha de jora, pisco or beer and all of them have a tendency towards creativity and art as their source of income.

Here are some photos of my favorites- family, friends and strangers met in travels and I hope on this trip to make many more friends..

Susana's three- my hostess this time
Woman spinning- on the way to Ayabaca
Lucio's wife Elena & Mamma
Dinner with Elena's family-Chiclayo

Abby- on the boat trip of a lifetime!
Prior & Father David OSB - Incarnation Monastery south of Lima

Jeremy's wonderful friends - Ayabaca (Mts.)
MH with Benedictine nuns of Sechura

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