Monday, June 3, 2013


Map of Regions of Peru

Cathedral- Piura
PIURA is a city in northwestern Peru. It is the capital of the Piura Region and the Piura Province. The population is 377,496 for the city area, but 665,991 for the region.  At first I found this Province/region busness confusing, till I looked at a map. 

Peru is divided into 25 regions with 195 provinces except for the Lima Province which does not belong to any region. Of the 25 regions I have only been to three: Lima, Piura, and Lambayeque.

In the region of PIURA, there are eight Provinces, again confusing as Piura is the region, the province and the capitol of the province. So it reads, Piura, Piura, Piura.

Piura at night
Ayabaca, one of my favorites places on this planet, is a province within the region of Piura and is the capitol of its province. So it reads  Ayabaca, Ayabaca, Piura.

My Irish friend, Jeremy, lives in Sullana  (city)  which is in the region of  Piura, and the province of Sullana.

Our famous potters live in Chulucanas  the capitol town of the province of Morropón in the region of Piura.

 When we travel south to Elena's family in the region of Lambayeque it is to the capitol city of Chiclayo, whose province is Chiclayo. Now do you see why I get confused???? And that is only a small part of the country!

Reed fishing boats- near Chiclayo

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