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was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1941. Montse, as she was known by everyone, grew up in a devout Roman Catholic family. After graduating from high school, she continued her studies at the Barcelona Women’s Professional School. A very pious and devout girl, she felt in 1957 that God was calling her to Opus Dei, a Catholic institution that helps people to seek holiness in their ordinary life.  She loved sports such as netball and tennis and liked outings with her friends. She climbed most of the mountains near Seva, where she used to spend the summer.

With her Mother
In June 1958, she was diagnosed with bone cancer in her leg. The cancer caused intense pain, which she reportedly bore with serenity and heroic fortitude. As a result, she continued bringing many friends and schoolmates closer to God during her illness.  Little by little her illness took its course. She couldn't sleep at night. She offered her pain for the Pope, the sick and others. She never complained but was always cheerful.

First Communion

She died in Barcelona on Holy Thursday, March 26, 1959. According to witnesses, she died looking at a picture of the Virgin Mary. Her last words were, "How much I love you! When are you coming for me?" So died a young girl who exhibited a great love for Christ and the Eucharist and a great devotion to Our Lady. Her reputation for sanctity has spread beyond her own country.

With her Mother

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