Saturday, April 19, 2014


Kostis Parthenis (Greece d. 1967)

This lesser known "Pieta" by Kostis Parthenis is one of my favorites. The artist was born in Alexandria in 1878, only coming to Greece for the frst time in 1903. In 1929 he was appointed as a professor at the ASFA where he taught until 1947. He died in Athens in 1967.

He  was probably the first modern Greek artist to assimilate elements of prehistoric Aegean art in his work.
Hi very muted colors convey loss, sorrow  and hopelessness.  The following work on the otherhand
gives us great hope, reminding us of springtime and leading us  to the Resurrection.

 And another by the British artist Norman Adams, who we mentioned on Palm Sunday.
Christ's Cross & Adam's Tree

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