Monday, December 7, 2015


Today we are experiencing our 5th power outage  since Nov. 1.  Thanks to a generous benefactor we have a powerful generator which keeps the monastery warm and functioning- as well as the chapel, but our guests are not so lucky as there is nothing to keep them in the light!  There is a wood stove at one house where they can gather, but…
This wind storm brought down a massive tree which hit the main power plant here on Shaw, knocking out power for parts of Orcas Island as well as all of Shaw. Seven poles were effected so it is a major clean up for the crew.
Our OLPACO (local company) lineman crew is the best, comprised of local men, many who have been here most of their lives. They seem to be fearless, sometimes putting their lives “on the line” for us.  As in this case they have been at it all night and continuing through the day in cold and rain.
Outages here in the islands are not always due to local problems,  but can be caused by mainland accidents (where are these power plants people are always crashing into?)  or downed trees in areas that feed the underwater cables that are the power source for the islands.  Such is Island life!

 We are always grateful to our men who come to the rescue of all bringing light! 

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