Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Oswaldo Guayasamin- Ecuador

V. Perlrott-Csaba (Hungary1912)

On HOLY SATURDAY, there is no liturgy at all.  The Church wants us to have a day of quiet and reflection on what happened yesterday. But tonight, this vigil of the Resurrection, we will gather in darkness, a darkness that represents all that we should have been reflecting on after Jesus' death.  And  in that darkness, a fire is lit, which represents for us Christ our Light. We can rejoice that death has no final victory over us.

Death is very real and its approach holds great power in our lives. But today is a day to put aside the blinders we have about the mystery of death and our fear of it. The "good news" we are about to celebrate has no real power in our lives unless we have faced the reality of death. (St. Benedict tells us we must daily keep death before us-  especially death to self). To contemplate Jesus' body, there in that tomb, is to look our death in the face.

Slav Krivoshiev - Bulgaria
As we behold the body of Jesus in the tomb today, and as we contemplate the mystery of our death, we prepare our hearts to receive the Good News of life.  We know that tomb will be empty and remain empty forever as a sign that our lives will not really end, but only be transformed.  One day, we will all rest in the embrace of Jesus, who knows our death, and who prepares a place for us in everlasting life.

France Kralj- Slovenia

 Our reflection on this holy Saturday, and our anticipation of celebrating the gift of life on the vigil night, can bring immense peace and joy, powerful freedom and vitality to our lives.  If we truly believe that death holds no true power over us, we can walk each day in the grace being offered us.

           Ivanka Dymyd- Ukraine

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