Monday, November 14, 2016


As we near the last weeks of this Year of Mercy, we present
VENERABLE MARIA de JESUS GUIZAR BARRAGAN, the second Mexican to recently be named venerable by Pope Francis. She could be called a modern day saint of MERCY.  She was the  5th of 16 children born to Don Emiliano Guizar y Valencia and Lucia Barragan Guizar in 1899 in Cotija, Michoacan. She was a teacher of catechism in her early teens, showing the children the gentle face of the Father. She visited the sick and imprisoned showing the tenderness and mercy of God. The dying she told not to be afraid to go to the presence of such a good Father who gives mercy to all who are sorry for their sins.
As a young woman

At age 15 she suffered from a near fatal illness, leading to serious reflection, which led to her dedicating herself to God.

In 1961 she founded the Guadalupan Handmaids of Christ the Priest to care for elderly and sick priests.  About the priests she would say, if they have given everything for the Church our mother, then we must take care of them with love and mercy.Till her dying day she dedicated her life to the sanctification of priests.

She died in 1973.  At the centenary of her birth (1999)  the  Apostolic Nuncio Justo Mullor in his homily said: She is one of those voices that the Holy Spirit wants to be felt with urgency and insistence inviting all believers in the Church to purify not only our miseries and sins, but also superfluous cultural adhesions and to focus our personal and community lives in all that is essential and to put our wills in tune with the will of God.”  

Ministering to the poor

With her Community
She showed the tenderness and mercy of God to others and is a great example to the Mexican people.

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