Monday, July 10, 2017


Father Raja
We have a unique situation with our chaplain at Our Lady of the Rock. For the first time in 40 years we will not have a resident chaplain, but one of two priests will ferry over daily to minister to us.  Both are from India, both are young and full of missionary zeal- missionaries to the USA?  Seems that parts of southern India, in this case the State of Tamil Nadu, has a “glut” of young priests.  Father Raja whom we have enjoyed for a week (priests will alternate weeks) says he is number 52 of 73 priests from his parish church of  the Sacred Heart in the  village” of Sindalacherry. This small city, which is very lovely beneath mountains, has over 1,000 Catholic families. In fact the whole town is Catholic. 

Father Watson

Father Raja and Father Watson, who is from the same state, but a large city  (Vellore), do not even speak the same dialect, so speak English to one another. While  separate in language, they are from the same religious order- and a new one at that. 

HERALDS of GOOD NEWS is a Missionary Society of Apostolic Life, started in Eluru diocese, India on 14th October 1984. It became an Institute of Pontifical Right on May 5, 1999. The specific aim of the Society is the promotion of vocations to priesthood, the training of seminarians and the supply of zealous and hardworking missionaries to India and abroad in places which experience a shortage of priests due to the lack of local vocations.

Heralds of Good News Missionary Society was founded by Rev. Dr. Jose Kaimlett in 1984 with the approval and blessings of  Rt. Rev. Dr. John Mulagada, Bishop of Eluru. For the better administration of the Society, it was divided into four Provinces, namely St. Paul Province, Mary Queen of Apostles Province, Mother Theresa Province and St. John Paul II Province. Today, each province functions independently, taking care of its members and bringing about new initiatives for the greater Glory of God and Salvation of souls.

As Father Jose continued his priestly ministry and mission, he realized that the priests alone could not do all the work needed to meet the needs of the poor, the sick and education. He realized that there is a tremendous need for women religious. Being fully aware of the increasing shortage of vocations to religious life especially in the Western countries, Father Kaimlett started a missionary society for women in the year 1992 in the diocese of Eluru.

Over the years  the society has made rapid progress both in the number of sisters and their activities. At present  they have 16 communities serving in seven dioceses in India, 7 communities serving in 5 dioceses in Italy and another community in Tanzania. Through the guidance and direction of Father Jose they are also serve the poorest of the poor, marginalized and other sections of the society by imparting value based education to people even  in the remotest areas.

Father Watson is the priest administrator of our whole county- sounds big, but not many Catholics- so we really are mission country!  We pray the joy these two priests exude may spread rapidly to our  faith "poor" islands!

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