Thursday, June 20, 2019


Last month (May) Magnificat Magazine gave us an exquisite piece of art in William Congdon’s EUCHARISTIA. It was painted in 1960, one year after he came into the Catholic Church. In a past Blog in Lent (2/28/15), I featured William Congdon’s very powerful crucifixions.  

This piece of art gives us an all together different feeling.  Here we rejoice, here we have hope!

Note the only real color is the bright red altar, which gives us the Holy Sacrifice. There are some gashes of blue at the side of the monstrance, which perhaps separate earth from heaven?.  Choirs of angels fill half of the painting floating upward, while below crowds of faithful worshipers give praise. At first glance it is almost as if they are holding weapons- perhaps a reminder we are the Church Militant?

But the predominant figure is the Eucharist, the center of our faith, our hope and our Savior, His Body given for us.

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