Saturday, March 28, 2020


Interns Maggie & Brittnee bringing Bella home to us

In the midst of imposed isolation we have another new member of the community and Winnie has a new playmate.  Our new puppy Bella joined us at ten weeks, younger than our Winnie came to us, but we felt she should come before the virus crises gets worse.  Needless to say we all love her and she is as sweet tempered as Winnie.  She is also a roan and will eventually look like Winnie. (See Blog 9/8/19 for info on this breed).

Bella's sire Armani

Like small children two are easier than one as they can entertain each other, though Winnie is quite independent and spends hours playing on her deck. After one day the 12 pound pup showed us her true nature as a water dog by jumping into a koi pond. Even the drinking bowls have suffered from her baths.

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