Friday, March 20, 2020


It is amazing to me, that when our world is so turned upside down, people are still so focused on material or worldly concerns.  Even our Church seems to have abandoned us by closing doors in some areas, but if churches stay open for adoration and prayer, how many will venture out for fear?  We seek answers to the crises from science and politics rather than from God, yet this should be a time when we focus on God, keeping our eyes on Him, who is our true salvation!

Only He has the key and answer to our future. We must be open to change, new life and even death.

Some deep thoughts for the day by a very holy Benedictine.

When all seems overturned, to the point of my feeling almost overwhelmed; when I don’t know where I stand; and when I meet with opposition everywhere, in the minds of others, and in my dealings, I withdraw to the Most Holy Sacrament, or into my own interior, and I remain there for some time like a person who doesn’t even exist, and while I am plunged deep into my own nothingness, God works His own operations and attends to His doings, and I see, afterwards, that all [that He does] succeeds. In truth, one must abandon oneself to God. . . .

God has given me a tenderness and I don’t know what else for souls who are afflicted and in travail, which makes them always present in my mind; I am incapable of not caring for them so long as their sufferings last. It seems to me that God made me for such souls. Ah! If only they knew their good fortune! I am certain that more will be saved by that way than by consolations. This [way of consolations] is a snare into which many fall because a great humility and much fidelity are needed to receive these gifts without claiming anything for or attributing anything to oneself. I esteem souls that are so consoled, but I do not envy them. (Mother Mectilde de Bar, A letter of 1671)

Servant of God Mechtilde of the Blessed Sacrament, born Catherine de Bar (1614 - 1698) was a French nun, the founder of the order of Benedictine Nuns of Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

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