Monday, September 7, 2020


Too often in the past, we have heard about the wrong doings of priests, while the majority who have dedicated their lives to Christ and his people go unnoticed, except by their flocks.  Mundelein Seminary ( the largest priesthood preparation program in the United States) is giving us  a glimpse into the lives of some priests- I have nominated a priest I have known for 50 years through our abbey in CT.   (See Blog "Christ in the Streets 4/19/20)

Msgr. Robert Tucker, Litchfield CT (who I nominated)

As COVID-19 has changed so much about the way we live in 2020, the Church has remained an essential source of hope, inspiration and support. Heroic priests across the country have answered the chaos of the pandemic with extraordinary creativity and resolve to continue serving as a bridge between Christ and his people.

Mundelein Seminary is collectively honoring these priests with our 2020 In Service of One Another Catholic Humanitarian Award.
The award presentation will be streamed on their website on September 17.

Go to their website to view some of the priests nominated already.

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