Thursday, May 31, 2012

SYMBOLS (Continued)

Peggy Woods
The HERON was a symbol of Christ on the Mount of Olives.

Barry Moser

   The STORK, returning every spring, symbolized Christ in
 His Resurrection.

The CRANE represented renewal and Christ resurrected.

Malcolm Greensmith
 The SWALLOW, a harbinger of spring, also stands for the Resurrection.

The BLUEBIRD and BLUEJAY denote spiritual joy and contentedness.

Floy Zittin

Mark Kelso

 The PHEASANT denotes a spiritual seeker.


Floy Zittin
   The OWL is synonymous with wisdom and  virtue.

Kimberly Parsons (11th Grade, N.C.)

The RAVEN, noted for its intelligence, is emblematic of penance and the solitary lives of hermits and the monks of the desert, such as Sts. Benedict and Paul the Hermit (also fed by ravens).

St. Vincent- A.T. Ribot (1891)
 St. Vincent of Saragossa's body was protected by ravens from  other animals, after his martyrdom.

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