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Station III- Jesus Falls

In 2010 St. James Cathedral (Seattle) was given a new set of Stations of the Cross, which hang in the Cathedral each year during the season of Lent.  The stations are the work of  JOAN BRAND-LANDKRAMER who began work on these stations many years ago, completing them in the fall of 2009.  She used “found objects” from the beach near her home in Ocean Shores  (WA) which includes wood, rope and wire, to create a contemporary interpretation of the centuries-old devotion of the Stations of the Cross.

Her stations were inspired by the work of Georges Rouault, the 20th-century French artist, and in particular his series of engravings entitled "Miserere". In Joan’s words, “I stood on the shoulders of Rouault, the master.”

Jesus Falls 2nd Time
Rouault originally created the drawings that make up "Miserere" during World War I, but for various reasons their publication was delayed until 1947.  The series speaks powerfully of human suffering and betrayal, and includes a number of images of the suffering Christ, juxtaposed with images of suffering humanity:  corrupt judges and politicians, fools, prostitutes and prisoners.

 “Form, color, harmony… oasis or mirage for the eyes, the heart, or the spirit,” wrote Rouault in his preface to the volume; “Jesus on the cross will tell you better than I....My only ambition is to be able someday to paint a Christ so moving that those who see him will be converted.”

While the Stations of Joan Brand-Landkramer  may not be to everyone's liking, they certainly convey the suffering Christ in a way that we can relate to in our own human suffering.

Station XI- Jesus Nailed to the Cross
Station XII- Jesus Dies

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