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Calley O'Neill (Hawaii)

It is no coincidence that the monastery's patron saint of the year is Saint Marianne (Cope) of Molokai, since I once again find myself in this glorious paradise, where I will spend 2 mo. of water PT staving off back surgery. I will focus on history, news, etc. of the Big island of Hawaii.

Our first artist is a local,  who did the windows in the Annunciation Church where we go to Mass. This Madonna and Child is in the small side Eucharistic chapel, where I daily receive the Eucharist.

Calley O'Neill graduated from the Pratt Institute (NY) Summa Cum Laude, getting her Master's at Goddard College (Vt), where I got my Master's. She considers herself an ethno-visionary artist, whose themes are indigenous cultures, which have become vulnerable, through politics or mismanagement of natural resources.

Endangrered Frog
She was inspired by Frances Moore Lappe's “Diet for a Small Plant” (which had a profound impact on many of us in the 70s). It made her aware of the world's plight, especially hunger. She decided to dedicate her art to making affluent countries aware of vulnerable peoples and endangered animals across the globe, while at the same time offering hope for the future.

She is also noted for her murals in public 
places throughout the islands.

Mural of the Annunciation

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