Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Newly named VENERABLE, TERESA FARDELLA de BLASI was  born in New York on 24 May 1867 of a noble family (the Counts and Marquis of Torrearsa) from Trapani (Sicily), Italy. In 1869 the family returned to Trapani. When Teresa was 11, her Irish mother died leaving her to be educated in a college directed by her aunt until the age of 16. 

Teresa had a great desire to consecrate her life to God, but her father had already decided on her marriage to Officer Raffaele De Blasi. Teresa accepted the will of her father, trusting in God. Her husband's work commitments brought Teresa from one city to another.  Despite this and never neglecting her family duties, she had a profound love for the Eucharist and love of the poor. 

In 1895, in one of the many transfers of her husband, she arrived in Mantua where she started with the simple "soup of the poor". Assisted by the then Bishop Giuseppe Sarto, (later St.Pope Pius X) , she founds the religious community of the" Poor Daughters of Mary Most Holy Crowned, Perpetual Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ". 

Although she  was  of a noble and wealthy family, she lived as  the poor,  trusting with particular devotion in the help of Divine Providence. The charitable projects she started, were supported by important spiritual fathers as well as by a deep friendship with Bl. Teresa Grillo Michel, also  a foundress. 

In the various stages of spouse, mother, foundress, widow, Teresa  shortly before dying, was able to realize her dream of becoming a nun, consecrating herself as a spouse of Christ. She died in Trapani on August 26, 1957. 

While she is considered an Italian saint, she was born in our own country, so we have a share in her life and holiness.

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