Monday, December 3, 2018


One really good way of preparing our hearts for Christ’s coming during Advent and welcoming Him at Christmas is through daily reading.  There are many good books by modern authors as well as ancient.  

Our favorite book to read in Advent is Father Alfred Delp’s  Advent of the Heart (see Blog  6/3/2016 for more on this Jesuit martyr)

The publisher writes,
His  approach to Advent, the season that prepares us for Christmas, is what Fr. Delp called an “Advent of the heart.” More than just preparing us for Christmas, it is a spiritual program, a way of life. He proclaimed that our personal, social and historical circumstances, even suffering, offer us entry into the true Advent, our personal journey toward a meeting and dialogue with God. Indeed, his own life, and great sufferings, illustrated the true Advent he preached and wrote about.
 From his very prison cell he presented a timeless spiritual message, and in an extreme situation, his deep faith gave him the courage to draw closer to God, and to witness to the truth even at the cost of his own life. These meditations will challenge and inspire all Christians to embark upon that same spiritual journey toward union with God, a journey that will transform our lives.

Another good book is Advent with St Teresa of Calcutta, meditations which call us to consider how we might love more deeply, surrender more completely, and let go of all the things not necessary in our busy lives, so there is more room to receive the Lord into our hearts.

Waiting for Christ: Meditations for Advent and Christmas by Bl. John Henry Newman.  (The Vatican just announced  his canonization will take place in 2019)

These beautiful meditations give us reflections on preparing for the Lord's coming at Christmas and the end of time, Our Lady’s  role in salvation history, as well as God's call for each and every one of us to holiness.

It is not too late to start.  Go to (you can even get books used for less than regular price) and you will have in a few days! Blessed Advent!

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