Monday, December 24, 2018


Lyuba Yatskiv- Ukraine

 Today is born unto us the Hope of our world! Today our Savior is born, and we are born anew.  Today the Church is filled with new life.  Glory to God in the Highest.

"The birthday of the Lord is the birthday of peace: for thus says the Apostle, "He is our peace, who made both one; through Him we have access in one Spirit to the Father." And it was this in particular that He taught His disciples before the day of His passion which He had of His own free-will fore-ordained, saying, "My peace I give unto you, My peace I leave for you;" and lest under the general term the character of His peace should escape notice, He added. "not as the world give I unto you."  (Sermon for Christmas St. Leo the Great)

L. Yatskiv

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