Wednesday, April 3, 2019


With the crises in our Church whereby so many priests and Bishops  have failed to uphold their sacred duty to act as Christ to their people, there is great emphasis on the wounded, suffering victims of the sins by priests against them.  But I feel we also need to remember the priests themselves  who have grievously sinned- how will they be saved?  Only by our prayers and their remorse, begging forgiveness of their victims, of the whole Church and of the Lord whom they have betrayed.

“Save all  Your priests, O Jesus,
for they are  Your chosen friends,
and each one is precious in Your sight,
even when he has fallen into the worst sins against You,
harming souls, and bringing sorrow and shame upon Your Church.
Save them all! Let not one of Your beloved priests be lost,
that Your Church may say in all truth, and with a holy joy:
"To me, O God, Your friends are made exceedingly honorable."
                                    (In Sinu Jesu)

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