Thursday, April 21, 2016


I always like to present people who are generous to us and this woman is no exception.  A few weeks ago we had a knitting retreat here for the morning from San Juan Island. They came to see the lambs, do a bit of work and  buy wool.  A week later I heard from EVELYN CLARK who asked if she could donate some of her work to us for sale.  Being clueless in the fiber arts (I only raise the sheep), I had no idea who she was and when I mentioned it to Cat who led the retreat (more on her in next Blog) she told me to look up Evelyn’s site. You can do the same.  If you are a knitter I would advise you to see her patterns. Her work is absolutely lovely and we will save some of the pieces for our own use. 

Evelyn is a Pacific Northwest native who learned to knit and crochet from her grandmothers. After leaving a corporate career in marketing for a simpler life, she was inspired to pick up her needles again by Elizabeth Zimmermann's empowering approach to knitting. Along the way, she discovered a passion for lace knitting and enjoys sharing this addiction with others.

Spinning is her new obsession, inspired by a Cheryl Oberle Knitaway in Taos and Spinning the Old Way by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. Now handspun yarns are influencing her designs.

Evelyn was the winner of the first Wild Fibers Magazine and Buffalo Goldcontest. Her designs have been published by Fiber Trends and Leisure Arts, as well as knitting magazines and yarn companies. Knitting Lace Triangles, her first book, was published by Fiber Trends in July 2007. Her limited teaching schedule is on the Home page.

Thanks Evelyn for your generosity and new friendship and for staying in a long tradition!

15 C. Master Bertram of Minden

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