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 We never know who the Lord will let us cross paths with, but I am sure that this woman was meant to be in my life.  Some people when you meet, you feel as if you have known them most of your life. And that meeting is just a picking up where you left off.  And while I have no interests in fiber arts (I just raise the fiber) we found we had many passions in common, starting with Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I almost feel guilty trying to do a Blog on her as she is so multi-talented.
While we had not met, I knew of her work, as we both appeared in Wild Fibers Magazine in 2008.  There was a very lengthy article about Our Lady of the Rock and after that article was a sock (yep,socks) pattern done by a local (San Juan Island) woman. Yours truly even modeled the socks!  It would take another eight years for us to meet.

CAT (yes, this is her real name) BORDHI is funny, gentle, and very dedicated to her profession, which includes generously helping others. Her website is very informative so I will use a lot of her own words:

            I never know how to answer the question, “What do you do?” 
                    Once on an airplane I replied, “I’m an archaelogical forensic topologist.”
           The two men sitting beside me suddenly sat up straighter. “So you’re a medical examiner?”                                         one asked. "No, I’m a knitter,” I replied.
"And I wasn’t fibbing or even exaggerating. Knitting is indeed topology (the study of knots and pathways) and I am filled with immense curiosity about how it’s been done and how else it might be done, which is forensics. As for archaeology, my passion for Perú and its textile traditions have been leading me in that direction as well... But most of all I am a person who loves the innocent, unfettered intelligence and sense of wonder that rises in knitters as we explore this sensuous world of pulling loops through loops and rearranging them to create beauty."

Moebius cowl

“I absolutely love to teach, and it is natural to me to perceive each student as their best self. This, and my passion for teaching, make each workshop whole and fresh.”

 One of her workshop participants wrote:
“Cat Bordhi is that quirky, fun and inventive teacher that you loved in high school. The one that made you want to come to class and do your best. And you always listened to everything spoken in class, lest you miss even a bit of wonderful information. Cat is full of tips and tricks, and the skills she teaches in this class take you far beyond moebius knitting. But of course, knitting a moebius is so fun that it may be a while before you apply   her great tips to other knitting. Cat is a natural born teacher. She loves to share what she has discovered with others. Her enthusiasm and humor shine through and the camera loves her. She’s completely relaxed and you feel like she’s sitting next to you, sharing her latest discovery that came to her in the middle of the night.”

Cat has a “partner in crime” who often travels with her. Unfortunately, when they came with a knitting group on retreat to visit our lambs and farm, I did not get to spend much time with him. But I can tell by the twinkle in his eye he is as much fun as Cat (and merits a Blog on his own). Jim “Pecos” Petkiewicz of Community Links International (a nonprofit that responds directly to the complex realities of marginalized humans, communities and environments in many parts of the Americas) co-leads groups to Peru and other fab places (Ireland and the Aran Islands, Iceland, and in the future, Cuba) with Cat.  

Cat & Pecos

Pecos and I have a brother-sister relationship and our work together is fluid and inspired. Pecos and his wife Mags lived and worked in Bolivia, Peru, and Mexico for many years, and raised their two children, now    grown, in Oaxaca, Mexico. Pecos’ knowledge and love of Spanish and Latin America is a rich resource that allows all of us to experience the  beauty of this land and people directly and spontaneously.”

Cat and Jim “Pecos” have a passion for bringing out the best in others. People call them “travel whisperers” who help them have their own spontaneous, magical experiences.

"We recognize that service without the attempt at developing profound relationship produces debilitating charity, while service with deep relationship can lead to lasting and productive solidarity. We invite you to join us in these deep relationships."

Cat is the author of one novel and the artisan publisher of eight knitting books, as well as a number of single patterns.  Go to her website for lots more information. And if you knit, she is the gal for you!

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