Saturday, January 11, 2020


I know we have written about this before, and perhaps anyone who reads these Blogs is on board, and if so it is “preaching to the choir”.  But more and more evidence  shows the psychological harm  being done to children and teens who live  on their cell phones. Early in the year Pope Francis said  we all  should  “unplug and socialize during dinner time”.

The Holy Father encouraged a return to “communicating in our families” during meals rather than being glued to cellphones.  “I ask myself if you, in your family, know how to communicate or are you like those kids at meal tables where everyone is chatting on their mobile phone.”

To my way of thinking it is down right rude!  How easy it is to miss subtle cues, facial expressions, and changes in the tone of conversation.   I can’t imagine trying to talk to a good friend or someone in a business transaction and have them chatting away to some unseen body.

And this constant texting?  More and more specialists will be needed for the present generation to treat  fingers and hands which are being used beyond what they were created for.

Pope Francis pointed to Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  "They obviously didn’t spend their time browsing Twitter and Facebook, checking their Gmail  or texting."

Without smartphone distractions, the Pope said they “prayed, worked and communicated with each other.”

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