Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Judas at table with Jesus- Cathedral at Cusco, Peru

Jesus tells His disciples that in two days time He will be handed over to be crucified by one of  His very own.. Of course they did not understand what was happening. Jesus is already feeling alone in all of this and even though Peter will later say that he will stay with Him and die for Him, we know that not only will He not be able to watch and pray with Him in the garden, he will also deny knowing Him.

Christ in the Garden of Olives- Gauguin
He would be alone at the court of the high priests, alone during His interrogation by Herod and alone at the tribunal of Pilate. He would be alone when He went to Calgary, where a stranger would help carry His cross, not one of His disciples. Only women consoled Him. He was alone on the cross and died alone, having been abandoned by all, but the women and His beloved John. He would drink to the bottom the cup of suffering that was prepared for Him and know a profound loneliness and feeling of being abandoned by His Father.

Dr. He Qi - USA

S. Watanabe- Japan

Jyoti Sahi - India

Ki- Ch Kim - China

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