Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Peter denies Jesus
The mystery of this day is taken from a Collect in the monastic Liturgy: God grant us the grace to worthily experience and bring to completion the celebration of the sacred mysteries of the Passion of the Lord...

It is as if the Church is thrusting us in the middle of this sequence to go out and get it done! The natural tendency in the middle of crises is to stop or at best drag our feet, but here, if we are to keep up with Christ on this road to Calvary, we must go forward.

Peter's Denial - Michael O Brien

The sad Gospel of the day is poor Peter who just does not get the whole of  Jesus' message (nothing new for him)!

So when Jesus tells Peter he can't follow Him, Peter cries, I can. But Jesus knows He will be betrayed three times by Peter.

In spite of knowing He will be facing it all alone, Jesus thrusts forward into this week, knowing it must all happen, if His mission of salvation is to be completed.

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