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There is a lot of art through the ages depicting Saint Hildegard but more so in the past 30 years.
Much of  it comes out of Germany but we Americans may run a close second, which I suppose says something about our fascination with this great woman, be it through her visions, her writings, her music, her medicine, or whatever.

German (of course I love this -with her lamb)

In past blogs I have tried to show as much of this art as possible but there is so much, so this blog will be dedicated to showing you some more unusual art, perhaps not so commonly seen. In some cases I have not been able to find the source. I have many wonderful images, unfortunately some of the best cannot be found even on Google!

Wonderful STATUES

St. H Abbey
St. H cures blind boy- in  St. H. Forum Garden, Bingen     

 Theresa Beck- St. H. with harp-Hildegardforum, Mainz
Bloodlilly, Wunderkammer, Studios, NZ
Recent  statue in front of her Abbey on Rhine

(close up of statue)

Benediktbeuron- Sieger Kader

College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minn.

 Kresfeld- Gustav Funders

Notre Dame Abbey, Tilff, Belgium (photo R. Lewgalon)

(St. H. monument in Bingen - Obviously the bird loves her)

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