Tuesday, October 16, 2012


OLR llamas
Too many friends and family are dying and while we know their suffering is now over and they are in a better place, we still, as frail mortals, mourn their passing.

I have written of my friend Larry, and my old mentor and good friend Ira will come up in a blog soon. Next to my brother Jeff, he was my most faithful e-mailer (new word?). I miss both their daily missives - everything from  jokes to great photos to world events. Ira was a true Renaissance man sharing his many gifts with all who knew him. He died March 18.
Ira Perelle

Then last week I had an unexpected visit from a friend's sister.  While she was here, her brother Tim died.  He was known in his area of Seattle as "the llama man" as he daily walked Eddie and Zorro  ( the potato chip eating llama) up and down residential streets. Crazy??? No, unless it was for the music he loved. To me he was the “twin” to Neil Young (I put a picture of him here as I have none of Tim- it gives you the idea!) His family has asked if I would take the "boys" back and since they are such sweethearts I have agreed. They will be delivered by the Seattle equestrian police division this weekend!  And that last concert with him??? I had hoped it would be with Neil!

Tim with friends

And then this morning came news of the passing of another friend, older than the others but  he will be no less missed.  He and his wife lived over the mountains in glorious Leavenworth and yearly my friend Sandi and her husband Larry and I would go to visit Les and his wife Jeanne. 
Leavenworth  (Bavarian-style town in the Mts.)

The saddest for us was the passing to the Father of Mother Felicitas' oldest son Carl at age 53 from pancreatic cancer on October 3. Carl had a B.S. in computer science from Rutgers University. Fresh out of college he moved to Silicon Valley in California where he worked for several companies developing software. After the new millennium he worked for himself selling collectable coins and trading a stock account.

At his passing there were many tributes to him from various collectors. These two give a window on the goodness of the man.

Carl Wohlforth

"I wanted to let you know, that out of all dealers/collectors I have dealt with, and there have been many, you are by far the most pleasant and easy to work with person I have ever dealt with."

“He is very astute when it comes to maximizing your returns, and perhaps most importantly, he is a person of impeccable integrity.”

For Mother Felicitas the greatest consolation came when Carl asked for Baptism just before he died. She and his wife Teresa were able to administer the sacrament as it was felt the priest would not get there in time. Many graces have been received for the whole family. He will be buried this Friday, October 19. 

I will just be returning from the mountains where Les will be placed. 

Carl's memorial card- his favorite place to hike, near San Jose

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