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The Archdiocese of Seattle and University of Washington have a great reading list for the Catholic History of the Northwest.  I am showing only the works of Father Wilfred Schoenberg, SJ as he was so prolific in his research and his book  Paths to the Northwest reads like an adventure novel in the first half.

Father Peter De Smet
     The purpose of this bibliography is to list several resources currently in print and        on  film regarding Catholic Northwest history. Included are publications, audiovisual      materials, and manuscripts. While some of the materials listed may only contain          limited references to a particular topic, these are often the only references available.     Additionally, books regarding national Catholic history that will assist a researcher in     placing local events into national context, are listed at the end of the Publications         section. 94


  AA = Archdiocese Archives (non-circulating)

  MC = Archdiocesan Library (circulating)

 UW = University of Washington- Seattle

Schoenberg, Wilfred P., S.J.. A Chronicle of Catholic History of the Pacific Northwest, 1743-1960. Gonzaga Preparatory School, 1962. Location: AA, LMC, UW A chronicle of Catholic missions in the Northwest during 1743 to 1960.

Schoenberg, Wilfred P., S.J.. A Pictorial History of the Catholic Church in the Pacific Northwest. Knights of Columbus, 1996. Location: AA, LMC

Schoenberg, Wilfred P., S.J.. Bishops of the Nesqually. St James Historical Society. [n.d.] Location: AA, LMC Brief histories of the first three bishops of the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Schoenberg, Wilfred P., S.J.. Gonzaga University: Seventy-Five Years, 1887-1962. Gonzaga University, 1963. Location: AA, UW

Schoenberg, Wilfred P., S.J.. A History of the Catholic Church in the Pacific Northwest, 1743- 1983. The Pastoral Press, 1987. Location: AA, LMC, UW A compiled history of the Catholic Church in the Pacific Northwest from 1743-1983.

Schoenberg, Wilfred P., S.J.. Jesuit Mission Presses in the Pacific Northwest: A History and Bibliography of Imprints, 1876-1899. Portland, Oregon, 1957. Location: UW

Schoenberg, Wilfred P., S.J.. Paths to the Northwest: A Jesuit History of the Oregon Province. Loyola University Press, 1982. Location: AA, UW A history of the Province history from its pioneer beginnings to the building of parishes, high schools and universities.

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